October 6, 2020

Applying the Membership of Ontario Karate Federation

Applying the Membership of Ontario Karate Federation – It is true that Canada is not the origin of Karate in the world. Yet, there is one great karate organization in Canada called Ontario Karate Federation. Many people just call it as OKF. This karate association is one of the biggest karate sport association that you can find in Canada. OKF has a lot of members, starting from the individual karateka to the dojo that joined together. As an addition to that, there have been a lot of achievements that you can find inside their record, starting from the individual achievements to the group or dojo achievements. Those are some of the things that made a lot of people are interested in joining the OKF. If you are also interested in joining the OKF, then you need to know how to become the member of the Ontario Karate Federation.

For the start, you need to go into their official website to apply for the membership. It is because at the time being the association focuses on doing the online registration to all of the people who want to join the OKF. After you go to their official website, you only need to choose the kind of registration that you want. If you are joining the OKF on your own, then you need to choose the individual registration to complete the registration form. However, if you are the representation of a dojo and you want your dojo to become one of the member of OKF, then you need to choose the dojo registration.

Ontario Karate Federation

Once you have done with the previous selection, you will need to go to the next part. This is the part where you have to fill in the form with the right information. You need to start with the personal data of the person who want to join the Ontario Karate Federation. There are also some small details that you need to complete before you continue to the next step. Make sure that all of the information that you have provided are true accordingly before you continue. Once you have done everything, you only need to do the payment for the membership. Of course, the number that you need to pay is different if you are registering a person or a dojo. Once you have done the payment, you will get the receipt that you have done the payment. Take that receipt to the OKF office in Scarborough and you are officially registered as their member.

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