March 9, 2020

Why Karate in Ontario Can’t Go Big

Why Karate in Ontario Can’t Go Big – Karate is not just any sport. It holds deeper value of competitiveness, perseverance, and discipline. Those who learn Karate has the chance, not only to train their mentality but also real competition. The numbers of karate students are overflowing in Ontario, but some barriers are too difficult to break.

– Point System
For some people, it is hard to believe that Ontario, Canada has troubles with their karate athlete management. This country constantly sent their best candidates for international championship such as Olympics. Participating means having chance to win they way you sign up and having chance to win the prize from those online gambling games. So where is the problem?

To answer this question, you should look further into the selection process. In other countries, the selection of national team has stages. The candidates should pas the local, regional, then national competitions to be in national team list. Unfortunately, karate athletes are not chosen by this method.

They are appointed to national team for their points, which refer to their winning rate in many competitions. There are no monthly or annual competitions held by Canadian government which is unfortunate. It means that the athletes should join the competition outside Canada.

– Preparation Cost
In any sports, athlete requires certain amount of costs to grow better. Some countries even built several facilities to support their training session. Unfortunately, karate students and athlete in Canada has none of these luxuries. It is common for them to find extra job just to fill in their training cost.

Young karate students might seem to be the most fortunate, given that their cost is covered by their parents. In fact, this is not the case. As mentioned previously, there are no monthly or annual competition for karate athletes to test their skill. The only option is travelling to another city or even countries.

you know the cost for one trip? It is approximately $4000 – $5000. This huge cost should be covered personally by parents. Probably if their children will have bright future by being karate athletes, they wont mind.

Another problem comes from the coach. The payment they receive is solely from monthly club fee. Additional training for out city championship is given for free. Thus, many of them are reluctant to fill the role.

Winning a championship doesn’t rely on the players’ ability only. Behind the scene, there are long preparations, cost to cover and pre-competitions to attend. So far, students and athletes use their own resource to keep up. Unless Canada establishes regulations about karate students and athlete, it will be hard to find potential champions.

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