July 9, 2019

Karate Match Instruments at the Ontario Karate Federation

In a karate match for both Kumite and ‘KATA’ classes, there are a number of instruments that must be provided when referring to WKF match rules. Ontario Karate Federation or OKF is a regional organization under the WKF, so that it should obey the rules made by WKF. The required instruments are mattress match, scoring board, match administration, referee panel, and medical. Mattress match is the arena used as the venue. White is a free area for contestants to compete (Area 8 x 8 meters). Blue is the warning boundary or ‘jogai’ line. Red is the line where the judges is placed, but in the new regulations (in 2012) the judge must be outside the red line and the referee when the match runs before falling the mobility points are in the red line. The total area of the mattress is 10 x 10 meters. Scoring board is a tool that becomes a reference for the results of matches. Operated by an operator who records points, and mistakes from match contestants, of course the referee has decided. Match administration is the clerk that will call or schedule the match

The referee panel is divided into several parts. The first is Tatami Manager or Supervisor in a match. Which consisting of senior referees according to their grade or certification. The task is to arrange the rotation / designation of the referee / judge who falls in a match. Second, Referee / Shushin is the person who leads in a match. The third is Jury / Fukushin, is the person who helps the referee in making decisions, both worth points and violations using the means of two blue and red flags. For the new rules that are now judges in each match both the Kumite class and the fixed word are four people and there is no change in position. The last one is the Atbitrator / Kansa or the person in charge of checking the complete contestants at the beginning of the match. Also keep an eye on the course of the match so that you can remind the referee if there are mistakes in making points / violations, and technical matters during the match.

The last instrument in a karate match is the requirement of medical team. Medical team is the person in charge of giving help to the contestant if something happens that is related to the health or injury condition of the contestant.

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